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You are lost in a forest where there's only one living creature. He will be your only buddy and guide in this mysterious place. But he's the one who can help you go home, at the top of the trees.


This game is an entry in the Hits Playtime 2016 contest.

The team (6 Ican students) :

Bastian Bauer

Pauline Devolle

Mathias Jacquin-Ravot

Corinne Larre

Nicolas Metz

Paul Samuelson

Aurélien Montero - Composer

You can follow the project here @Other_one_Game on twitter and FB The-Other-One-

Install instructions

You need a controller to play this game.


TheOtherOne_Build_HitsPlaytime.rar 214 MB


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after i press ,,play,, he doesn t start! plz help

Hello Lime !

I'm very sorry that the game doesn't start. It's the first time we have this feedback. I'm afraid I cannot help you. The game is no longer in production and the team is working on another project. We won't release any new version, which could have been, a functional one for you.

Once again sorry for the disapointment. =/

Best wishes